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File Aug 13
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On Saturday I get to celebrate this woman, this career, this art. I can't wait

Sing, Bibi, Sing!

The Untold Tales of Bibi Osterwald

Winner of 'Best Solo Concert' at New Yorks' United Solo Festival 

“From popular standards to jazz to Broadway melodies, Arndt will charm the audience.”- Splash Magazines, Elaine Mura


“For musical theatre lovers, this is a show you MUST see…..Elise Arndt has a beautiful voice that reminds you of why you love Broadway musicals but also, her storytelling ability brought tears to my eyes on several occasions…. Elise is truly endearing to watch...full of life.” - NOHO Arts District, Nancy Bianconi


“But from the moment Elise stepped on stage, she commanded it. Her voice was strong and pure, her timing was spot-on….For the entire 70-minute show, Elise had control. She is cute and funny, and really talented.”  - The Tolucan Times, Laura Voeth


SING, BIBI, SING! chronicles the untold tales of Bibi Osterwald, veteran actress of stage and screen. As the renowned standby for Hello Dolly, Bibi worked with some of the biggest names in the biz and left her legacy to her granddaughter to share. Tonight, we crack open Bibi's songbook and weave together their two stories to celebrate the triumphs...and trials that accompany forging a career in the arts. The musical lineup spotlights popular jazz standards, go-to staples from Bibi's nightclub act, and of course, some Broadway medleys.

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