Elise Arndt


Sing, Bibi, Sing!                     United Solo Festival, NY       One-Woman Show              Christine O'Grady

*winner of best solo concert 


Sing, Bibi, Sing!                     WriteAct REP, Los Angeles    One-Woman Show              Christine O’Grady


Footloose                              Seven Angels Theatre         Ethel McCormick               Jenine Molinarie

Briar Rose & the 13th Fairy      Jan Hus Theatre                 Fairy/Good Fairy/Cook        Anais Koivisto 

The D* Word                          National Tour                     Dee Dee                           Mayme Paul


SHRM                                  supporting                         Dir. Peter Matkiwsky/

                                                                                  Rebel Road production co.


Diabolical                             Kailey Segneri                    Investigative Discovery 

Deadline Crime                     Diane                                Investigative Discovery 



American University      B.A. Musical Theatre

Voice: Lilli Wosk, Tres Hanley

MT Coaching: Jasper Grant, Anthony Daniels

Musical Theatre Classes: The Growing Studio: Pat Goodwin, Duncan Stewart, The 'Game-Changer' Casting Director Workshop,

The Resident Director series ft. D.B. Bonds (Kinky Boots) and Lisa Leguillou (Wicked), Guy Stroman's "Acting a Song"

Comedy:  UCB improv level 101&201 NYC, The Magnet improv level 1&2

Acting: Jessica Cummings (Bob Krakower Studio), Guy Stroman 

Valid passport, drivers license 


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